Sapphire Lash Lifting is a popular addition to eyelash services or a great treatment to start out within the beauty industry, giving clients an alternative to extensions. Lash lifting is a natural lash enhancement that lifts the lashes from the root, to give the appearance of longer, thicker lashes that can last up to 6 - 8 weeks. The treatment instantly lifts and opens the eye, whether short, long, dark or light.

Lash lift Training

    • What you will learn
    • How to carry out a lash consultation
    •  Lash preparation, including how to apply lash pads
    • How to distinguish the right shield
    • Eyelash Anatomy and Growth
    • Product and Tool Expertise
    • Eye Taping/ padsAdhesive 
    • science behind lash lifting
    •  Contraindications and actions
    • Salon health, safety and hygiene
    •  Working on a live model
    • Marketing (worth £50.00)
    • Behind The Mask – How to spot signs of domestic abuse and how you can help (optional)

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