Sometimes referred to as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, semi permanent makeup is a treatment that can give you a ready-made up look without all the hassle. By tattooing tiny amounts of pigment into the dermal layers of your skin, you can save yourself all that mirror time in the morning applying your eyeliner, lip liner or eyebrows.

Semi permanent make up is a quick and easy procedure that has minimum pain, and which can give you a perfectly natural, made up look, without spending hours in front of the mirror every day. Women of all ages are now benefiting with permanent maakeup.  Talk to us about how we can help you, and see why permanent makeup is one of the fastest growing trends in the UK today.


Brows can make such a difference to somebody's face structure and in the last few years permanent eyebrow have become one of the biggest treatments in the brow industry. Anyone can have this treatment whether your brows are full, out of shape or non existant.

Types of treatment

-Hair stroke brows

-Powder brows

-Combination brows (a mix of hair strokes and powder)




Lip tattooing is a smart alterative to lipstick or lip liner. It can give the appearance of a fuller lip line, a lip blush or a full lip colour. 


Types of treatment

-Lip liner

-Lip blush

-Full lip colour



Permanent eyeliner is a specific type of permanent makeup used to enhance the shape of your eyes. It is done by drawing a thin line (or thick one, depending on customer preference) on the upper or lower eyelid. This creates a natural, subtle look of having fuller eyelashes and beautifully defined eyes. his can enhance eye colour, adds definition to the eyes and is great for anyone who struggles with applying eyeliner.

Types of treatment

-lower liner

-Top liner

-Winged liner

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