Everyone knows that facials are a great way to leave your skin fresh and glowing and have many benefits aside from relaxation, including smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, improving tone and texture, blemish control, reducing redness, firming the skin and much, much more! So whatever skin concern you have, you’ll be able to tailor a facial to your specific needs. This is why sapphire Beauty offer a range of facials to suit every skin type


Dermaplaning (our lunch time facial) is an exfoliating treatment that removes peach fuzz and dead skin with the tiny scrape of a scalpel. It removes peach fuzz (vellus hairs), helps fight against acne, gives you baby smooth skin all ready for makeup application, rejuvenates the skin by deep exfoliation and is non invasive 

Skin suitability; 

All skin types


The Million Dollar Facial works the skin from the outside in and is designed to deeply exfoliate dead skin cells and remove non-terminal hair
(peachy fuzz), polish the skin, flush toxins, increase and stimulate colagen production and cell turnover.The facial method increases the
absorption of moisturising, plumping and fortifying hyaluronic acid
(this is not an acid peel, hyaluronic acid is a hero skin care ingredient
in maintaining skin hydration) to 80% as opposed to 8%. When the skin
is protected and hydrated increased cell production can take place giving a smooth, youthful glow


not suitable for skin types 4-6 on the fitzpatrick scale

not suitable for diabetics


During a chemical peel, acid peel ia applied to the face to remove the top layer of skin.

Its exfoliating power cleans away dead skin cells. Once the solution is neutrilised, your skin is refreshed and rejuvenated.

Chemical peels reduce wrinkles to leave softer, smoother skin. They also help treat scars and skin discoloration. Peels are often applied to the face, neck or hands.

Light-haired, fair-skinned patients are ideal candidates for chemical peels.


All skin types as there is an acid peel for everyone


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