Terms and Conditions of training

The Sapphire promise

At Sapphire Beauty Academy we pride ourselves on offering the most up to date and high standard of teaching methods to ensure you enter the industry with the confidence to for a successful business. All of our educators are highly qualified trainers and assessors who are all dedicated in supporting and mentoring those wishing to progress within the Beauty Industry. Our courses are continuously run throughout the year including evenings, weekends and term times. Whether you are looking to complete a Day or Short Course, Fast-Track Diploma or Home Study route,your allocated trainer and assessor will be available before, during and even after you have completed your course. Our aim is not only to train to the highest standard, but to provide added support to all those who train with us.

Our training courses are designed to suit all ages (over the age of 16), genders, academic levels and external circumstances. We know starting a new career or returning back to studying can be daunting at times, however we promise to make your journey a fun, professional and supportive one.



All our training programmes are accredited by ABT and follow the National Occupation Standards. This means your qualifications are fully recognised within today's industry and allows learners to become covered by insurance for both an employed and self employed work basis. You may be required to attend a practical session or complete case studies to gain your qualification. You will not fail your course but will need to be up to a standard of work that will allow you to work on paying clients before your certificate is signed off.



All students will be required to sign a learner agreement form to show they agree to follow all centre Policies and Procedures.

Registration, Fees and Refunds

1:1 Training

Our 1:1 training sessions are designed to meet the needs of external commitments and special educational requirements. For those who are unable to attend a full group session or would prefer a more personalised student and trainer environment, we offer 1:1 training sessions which can be carried out during a weekday, evening and weekend for all of our Diploma and Short Courses. Please ask your educator for further information on 1-2-1 training.



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